Meet Dino, a lovely older boy who is absolutely adored by his owner. Dino lives on a farm, where he is very happy.

Dino’s owner contacted one of our friends, very distressed because he seemed to be in pain and was not able to ‘toilet’ (i.e. he was constipated). She had given him a ‘stroop’ (syrup) to help but it hadn’t improved things. He even had some blood! She was terrified Dino was going to die.

He went to our friends at Tygerberg Animal Hospital where he stayed overnight, receiving treatment – and the next day, Dino’s tummy was functioning 100% again! They even helped us with keeping the cost down.

We discovered that Dino was getting bones to eat; also the farm has no water and it now has to be trucked in due to the drought. So, he probably wasn’t getting his bowl filled as often as it should have been. The owner was advised to not give bones (they are very drying and can cause obstructions) and to ensure he has a bucket FULL of clean water every single day, which has been done.

Dino was soon trotting around as happy as can be again, and his owner was overjoyed that he is all better!

(Thank you to friend of FAW, Sonnet, for covering Dino’s vet bill! And, of course, Thank you to TAH Bellville for treating Dino at welfare rates and getting him all better.)

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