Home checks and Covid-19

We have to do our very best to get our animals into suitable homes and, as such, we do need to continue doing home checks. However, we understand that this might be a bit worrying for people so we want to assure you that whomever does your home check will adhere to Covid-19 precautions:

Home checkers will: 

  • Wear a suitable face mask.
  • Sanitise their hands beforehand and afterwards as per govt guidelines.
  • Keep their distance from you (so don’t be offended if they stand a little back – they’re just making sure they adhere to the guidelines!)
  • If in any doubt, if either you or the home checker feels unwell, the home check will be postponed.

We ask that potential adopters please respect the guidelines, and also wear masks, sanitise, and keep their distance. If you don’t feel well or have been in contact with a positive case, please advise us!

If you badly want to adopt but are still too scared of the home check, please get in touch so we can discuss a way forward. Thank you so much for understanding!

adoptions@faw.za.org or WhatsApp 078 892 7892 


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