Adopt a low-energy dog


Not into exercise or have limited mobility? That shouldn’t stop you from adopting! Owning a dog does not necessarily mean you need to be fit or get out and about, and walk your canine friend for miles on end. Don’t let this idea put you off adopting a canine companion. 

Many dogs are quite happy to relax and be comfortable, and do not need a great deal of exercise.This is where choosing the right dog to adopt based on your and their needs comes in. 

People often go for pretty or cute dogs, or breeds they think look nice. Instead, consider adopting an adult dog from an animal welfare organisation which knows the dogs in their care and can suggest a lower-energy pooch. Focus on its nature and not its looks, and go for a dog that doesn’t need lots of exercise to be content.

Dogs (and people) should ideally get some exercise every day, be it a walk around the block or tossing a ball for them in the back garden. It helps them burn off excess energy, and is a good chance for you to bond with your pet and teach them to listen to you. Some dogs are not suited to a sedentary life, and will become bored, stressed, or destructive, if never exercised.

But, just as there are people who aren’t fond of exercise, there are dogs who could think of nothing better than the easy life. You still need to do something – for your good and theirs – but you won’t need to run marathons.

FAW has several dogs who will be happy if you just provide them with a loving, happy, stable home, and a comfortable place to just BE. They vary in age – not all are senior dogs –  they’re just happier being laid-back. We have homed many dogs to people with mobility issues where they have flourished. It’s all about choosing the right dog for your lifestyle. So, give us a shout and we’ll do our best to help you. 

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