Magic the neglected Husky


Late one sticky, hot August afternoon, one of our volunteers stumbled across a severely neglected Husky in Fisantekraal township. She had been called by a neighbour (who wished to remain anonymous) because he’d noticed the dog and was concerned about him.

When she arrived, it turned out that the house doubled as a tavern; the music was BLARING – so loud that the speakers were vibrating and she could barely speak to the house owners. There were several intoxicated men in the tavern, and, when she was led through to the outside to see the dog, the stench of urine wafted in from the wall which was being used as a urinal. It was in this filthy, ear-splittingly loud environment that a sad, skinny, unwell Siberian Husky sat, chained to an outside dwelling.

His eye was injured and badly infected; he weighed half what he should have (around 14kg); he was dirty, neglected, chained up, and had no shelter or even water. And it was very hot… Yet, he was still friendly and so gentle.

The actual owner was nowhere to be seen – he stayed in a shack on his parents’ property and was out. The parents agreed that he could not care for the dog, that it was suffering, and signed him over. It was either that or wait for an inspector to come and confiscate the dog – not really possible on a Saturday afternoon.

The volunteer, very upset, zoomed off to the vet with the dog; deciding that he needed a little magic in his life, she renamed him Magic (from Tupac). The vets at TAH Bellville did a fantastic job and managed to save his eye.

Next, a foster had to be found so that he could recover in a peaceful environment. That’s when Hendre and Tom stepped forward – their first ever foray into fostering! They bathed him, fed him, trained him, loved him – in a word: rehabilitated him. And he blossomed.

This gentle boy came out of his shell, turning out to be a really loving, friendly dog who absolutely loved the great outdoors. At first he couldn’t even walk to the end of the block and back because he was so weak from malnutrition and lack of movement. But it wasn’t long before he was going on nature hikes with his fosters and their rescue dog. He loved it!

All too soon, it was time to find Magic a forever home. The perfect home had to have high walls because Magic was so taken with not being chained (and being a Husky had has a real sense of adventure) and had managed to slip out a few times. He also needed someone prepared to do lots of exercise with him. Someone fun. Someone loving…

It took a little while but one evening, a young lady named Marianne was browsing Facebook, having decided the time was right for a new dog… And that’s when she saw Magic. The rest, as they say is history. We didn’t know how he’d be with cats, but he managed fine. He goes for runs with  his sporty new owner and has even since gotten a friend, adopted from Uitsig Animal Rescue. Marianne changed his name to Balto – naming him after the legendary Husky who guided his people many times.

Our volunteer’s dream had come true: Magic had come into this beautiful dog’s life and changed everything for  him.

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