Nkunsi lives in Klipheuwel with his owner, Luvo. He disappeared for a few days, whether stolen or just slipped out and got lost – nobody knows – and, when he reappeared at his home, it was with horrific injuries to his leg that had developed secondary infection. Horrified, Luvo immediately phoned us for help, desperate to save his beloved dog, Nkunsi.

Nkunsi was traumatised and in a bad way. We could see straight away that there was no hope for the leg – the infection was too far advanced. We explained that, the only way to save him would be to amputate. This is often a deal-breaker as many people do not want a three-legged dog and will ask us to put them to sleep instead. But Luvo begged us to save Nkunsi’s life, even if it meant that he’d be a ‘tripod’; he would also contribute as much as he could to the treatment (he lives in the informa settlement and is struggling himself).

We rushed Nkunsi to our friends at Tygerberg Animal Hospital where he was stabilised, placed on antibiotics, pain meds, and rehydration, and, eventually, once the infection had subsided, had his leg amputated. Many days of recovery followed in which he learned how to walk on 3 legs. He was helped every step of the way by the lovely staff at TAH.

When it was time to go, Nkunsi received lots of cuddles from the staff at TAH – he had really crept into everyone’s hearts. He wagged his tail and lapped up the attention but it was when he arrived home, to great joy from Luvo, that Nkunsi really came alive. He was greeted by his dog friends who all came to see how he was, and many people who live around him. He was so happy to be home and has no trouble walking on three legs whatsoever.

Thank you to all of you who donate – without this, dogs like Nkunsi would never get helped. You make the difference. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info on how you can help dogs like Nkunsi. 

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