Healing Ocean’s Mange


Ocean’s owners brought him to us for help – they didn’t know what was wrong with him! His skin was bad, he didn’t want to eat, and he was depressed.

Diagnosis: sarcoptic mange.

There are 2 types of mange; of the two, sarcoptic is the contagious one and it causes intense itching. It’s amazingly easy to treat, fortunately, but, while the dog has it, they lose their appetite and are very down in the dumps – the itching makes it impossible to enjoy life.

That’s why it is SO rewarding to be able to help a dog like Ocean. The change in him was fast – and phenomenal! We treated him with Bravecto and he also got regular baths. His owners learnt about the condition so they know what to look out for now. 

Now, Ocean is a happy, energetic (and STERILISED!) dog. His owners are so happy that he could be helped.

This is what makes us keep going and what we strive for.

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