Rags to riches: Patsy


When Patsy was rescued, she was in an appalling state. Her owners clearly didn’t care about her at all as she was emaciated and was so severely infested with ticks that her ears were completely blocked by them! It was revolting – we couldn’t imagine how awful it must have felt for her.

What’s more, she had a healing burn scar on her back – someone had thrown boiling water at her because she was in the street harassing people for food all the time (sadly, a common occurrence in the township). And to top it off, her kennel was packed full of beer bottles so where on earth could she sleep?! 

Neighbours told us that the owners didn’t care – to the point that the neighbours were putting food over the fence so that she would not starve. We tried to reason with the owners multiple times but to no avail. Eventually, she was confiscated. In the meantime, one of our volunteers had fallen in love with this lovely girl. She decided to foster her until she was stronger. Well, Patsy never left her wonderful ‘foster’ home. Now, she goes away on holidays, gets to play in the dam, sleeps on the bed, and has several loving doggy friends to play with.

The transformation from over-the-top pushy dog to playful, carefree pooch has been remarkable! And we are SO happy we could help get her away from this situation and into a happy, loving forever home.

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