Phoenix finds his true purpose


After 4 years of waiting, our darling Phoenix was adopted. But it was an extra-special adoption because this is no ordinary home: Phoenix is one of 4 rescue doggies who live in a very special care facility which is home to 35 Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Emsie, who runs the home, has a few rescue dogs herself and knows how fantastic they can be; she says that the difference these dogs make to the residents is phenomenal.

Phoenix is now one of these special dogs who provide unconditional love to this group of people – and he, in turn, will receive oceans of love and acceptance. It gets better! Read this heart-warming message which we received from Emsie, the angel who adopted Phoenix as a doggy companion at the Alzheimers Care Home.

I want to share this with so many people: Our 7th dog*. A rescue dog. Two days with us at frail care.

After 4 years in a shelter and exposed to abuse in his life. Today, one of our male residents became very restless and our new dog started licking his hand and putting his head on Oupa’s lap…he never left his patient until Oupa was relaxed. No tablets, nothing. Just unconditional love. After what humans did to you before, and in 2 days sensed a human being’s needs. Once again so proud of this doggy. He did not even receive any training.

What an eye opener – it leaves me so humble.

So, now we know why Phoenix waited so long: he had a very, very special purpose in life – changing the world for elderly folks who need him as much as he needs them. We have to admit, we all shed tears when we read about what he had done – tears of happiness and amazement at just how wonderful dogs can be, and joy that he found his place in the world.

Please bear this in mind next time you look for a new dog and consider overlooking that ‘plain, ordinary shelter dog’! There may be a lot more to them than meets the eye…

(Pic is of Phoenix on his way to his new home last week – look at that smile: he already knew great things were in store for him!)

His story was even featured in the Tygerburger newspaper and Happy Tails Magazine. After his story came out, we were inundated with calls and emails from people wanting to adopt from us. This special  guy was an ambassaDOG for other rescues everywhere!

* There are now 4 dogs at the facility and Emsie has 3 rescue dogs of her own too!

We do not have a shelter and we rely entirely on foster homes to save dogs like Phoenix. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info. 

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