Vlekkie was dumped in Fisantekraal in August 2015 – after hours – by people who claimed he was a stray. Although our premises were closed, fortunately, one of our volunteers was working late. As she passed by our containers, people who were waiting for a taxi called her over and explained what had happened: the person had stopped, seen that we were closed, then handed the dog to the people waiting there, saying ‘I just found him wandering on the main road’.

Later, a Fisantekraal resident with whom we often liaise contacted us to tell us that she knew the dog – and that the woman who had left him there was, in fact, his owner! She couldn’t tell us more for fear of losing her job. 

In other words, not only had they handed him to total strangers in the township, but they’d lied and pretended he was a stray when he was actually theirs. Of course, we took him in and tried to find him a forever home. Months went by and still he waited.

Shelter life took a heavy toll on Vlekkie; he was stressed out, fence-biting, running up and down, and barking hysterically at anything that moved. We had to find him a home – and soon.

And then, in May 2017, the Rossouws fell in love with him and took him home. From a frantic stressed-out dog, he turned into a relaxed, lovable charmer. He made friends with his new doggy friend, Mia, and it was as if he’d always been there. Today, he waits on a couch overlooking the front yard for his ‘dad’ to get home from work, when he and Mia bounce around excitedly. He is blissfully happy and very much loved.

THANK YOU to the Rossouw family for adopting Vlekkie. He is very grateful and we know he will bring you much joy.

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