Saving Snoepie


At the end of one of our sterithons (30 November), as we were dropping off sterilised animals in Fisantekraal in the late afternoon, we were called to help a little doggy named Snoepie.

Poor Snoepie had been attacked by a bigger dog and his leg ripped open. He also had a lot of swelling on his belly, his little body was black and blue, and he was clearly in pain. He was filthy where he’d been dragged through the dirt as the attacker had pulled him along. We are SO frustrated with all the dog attacks happening in Fisantekraal – and there seems no end in sight as trying to get law enforcement out to help is near impossible. It is invariably power breeds, particularly unsterilised ones, and, often, it is young men walking with their big dogs, thinking they look very tough and setting them on other animals – and people are too scared of the perpetrators to lay charges, so there’s not much that can be done.

We were really worried because he isn’t a spring chicken anymore; we were terribly concerned that he might have internal injuries – when a big, powerful dog gets hold of a little one, they often shake their victim hard, causing lots of damage internally. But we’ve known Snoepy for some time and we know his nature is that of a strong-spirited survivor. We were sure that this tough little terrier would survive! We prayed that he would…

Our volunteers (who had already been on the go since 8 that morning) headed to the vet where Snoepie was admitted to the ward at Tygerberg Animal Hospital Bellville. He was so depressed, just lying in his cage and not wanting to move. The vets quickly assessed the situation, gave him a pain killer, and made him comfortable. His wounds would be stitched when he was feeling better and there was no sign of infection.

It wasn’t long before Snoepie was ready to go home – a totally different dog than the one we’d seen that evening! He was bouncing around and wagging his tail; a real sight for sore eyes.¬†Our volunteers popped in to visit him a few weeks later to remove his stitches. As you can see, this happy-go-lucky dude was absolutely no worse for wear, and was overjoyed to see us!

We really do feel privileged that we’re able to help animals like Snoepie and see the joy on their furry faces when they’ve recovered and gone home (and the happiness of their owners that their pet could be saved). We’re grateful to all those who contribute to our vet bills. Thank you!

You can help change the world for animals like Snoepie. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info.

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