Second statement about Zeus

Dear all

As you may know, the case with the dog named Zeus is still going on, and has been in the Rapport newspaper twice (most recently yesterday).

There is a great deal more to this case than meets the eye and which was presented in the one-sided newspaper articles. (See below comments from two aquaintances of the erstwhile couple.)

Ms Krukenberg was Zeus’ owner. She is the person who signed his adoption form. Legally, she was his owner. When placed in the difficult position in which we were placed, all we could do is go according to the legal ownership documentation.

We understand that this is an emotional case, but can assure everyone that we, as an animal welfare with a 10-year history of work within the community, did ONLY what was best for ZEUS.

Ms Krukenberg initially did allow Zeus to stay with her ex-partner as she was unable to keep both her old dog and Zeus, and she did not want to rehome him elsewhere – she wanted him to stay with someone he knows – under certain conditions (that the dog not be left alone for long periods of time, that he be taken to doggy daycare, and that he be kept in the conditions to which he was accustomed).
It is only when she discovered that these terms were not being met that she asked for help.

Zeus was not removed by us. He was not dumped at a shelter. He went to private foster care where he was treated like royalty until he was adopted to a home where he’s also treated like royalty. See statement from Ms Krukenberg below.

IMG-20151204-WA0007cWe did provide proof when first asked that Zeus was alive and well – even a photo of him next to the newspaper showing the date (See left). We also took him to the vet for a check up as proof that he was in good health.

We have, on average, 35 – 40 dogs looking for homes. It is very hard work and takes much time and money to rehome animals. Why would we take in more animals if it was not necessary?

This ongoing case and negativity about FAW has a negative impact on all the animals in these severely impoverished areas which desperately need our help.

All our funding comes from private donations and every cent goes towards these animals, many of which are chained up, starving, have no shelter, and are neglected and abused.
Without FAW, their suffering would continue unabated. None of our volunteers are paid a cent (including the volunteers who are residents of Fisantekraal), but they give of their hearts and souls every single week, facing incredible odds, to fight this horror. And, yet, people think we do not care about animals and their happiness and wellbeing?

We have been told in a legal letter from Mr Van Der Walt’s lawyer that, should the case be successful, WE – a tiny animal welfare charity existing on donations – will have to pay ALL their legal fees.
How would you feel having your donations used for this? In fact, we would have to shut our doors. What would happen to those animals then? Who is going to help them?

Please look through our website and Facebook page to see what we do, or feel free to join us in the township – and then think about where those animals would be without us…
And there are many, many more – especially considering we do not show you the worst cases because we know most people just can’t face seeing that.

We will not, under any circumstances, give anyone the adoptive family’s details – this would be highly unethical. How would you feel if you adopted an animal and then the welfare gave your name, address and telephone number to somebody else? The battle over Zeus has nothing to do with them and it would be truly terrible for us to expose them to all this. They love Zeus very much and he loves them. He has someone there all the time, dog friends, and children to play with who adore him.
We cannot put those lovely people in the line of fire just because they adopted him. That would be grossly unfair.

Thank you for allowing us to explain our side of the story.

Read the original official statement about Zeus.

Statement from Ms Krukenberg

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