Snowy’s cancerous cryptorchid


Meet Snowy – he’s just turned 3 years old. He had a cancerous lump the size of a fist removed. Because he had an undescended testicle (cryptorchid). This is why it is so important to neuter dogs especially if they have an undescended testicle! Even if you cannot see it, it’s still there producing testosterone and potentially becoming cancerous. Luckily Snowy is going to be a-ok. Cryptorchids can be painful and make walking difficult. Snowy is a small dog so imagine the discomfort.

Aside from benefits to preventing overpopulation, unneutered dogs can develop testicular cancer and dogs with cryptorchids (undescended testicle) are ten times more likely to get testicular cancer.

Snowy’s owners had delayed bringing him to us as they feared we were going to tell them he would have to be put to sleep. We are glad that he could be helped! They were so glad to have him back, good as new (and, now, sterilised!), and he was as happy as can be.

We urge people to please not delay in seeking medical attention for your pets – the earlier these kinds of things are caught, the better.

You can help change the world for animals like Snowy. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info.

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