Sterithon 21 September 2016

ursula-and-sashaToday, several of our fab volunteers headed off bright and (very) early to do some sterilisations!

We’ve had a fantastic year so far with steris. THANKS to some awesome vets and very hard-working volunteers.

Today saw 31 animals sterilised – of which 18 were female. Bear in mind that one female dog or cat can have anything from 1 – 12 (and we’ve seen dogs with litters of 15 and 16!) babies, and consider that the best way to prevent possible future suffering is to spay/neuter, and that’s a big difference!

THANK YOU so much to Dr Maryke and her team, Carlo and Nicholas, of Envirovet CVC. Dr Maryke did all 31 animals herself! 🙂

We are also very grateful to everyone who took part in and sponsored the FAW 10th Anniversary Cycle Challenge as the money for this sterithon day came from the funds YOU raised! All the drugs, sutures, oxygen, supplies – all paid for by some amazing hard-working, generous people. THANK YOU!

And, of course, to the voluntees: you are all stars!

More pics on our Facebook page: Sterithon 21 September 2016

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