Thank you, Garden Cities

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of all the animals which need help, to Garden Cities! We are eternally grateful for our beautiful clinic in Greenville.

(A little history)
The folks at Garden Cities approached us in 2017 wanting to help. With the expansion of Greenville alongside Fisantekraal (with a target of 16 000 new homes), they had seen the need for the animals of the area. Knowing that this was the area in which we work, they wanted to offer us a real brick-and-mortar building.

FAW was founded in 2005, starting with volunteers driving around, then one storage shipping container, then a clinic and bathing room, shop, and food store in a collection of shipping containers, and then we had a kitted-out clinic/theatre in the containers.

But the area is growing so fast – there’s no way we could keep up. And that’s when these fab folks stepped forward!

With much consultation between FAW, Dr Adam of the Tygerberg Animal Hospital (who is also on the board at SAVC and made sure things would be done 100% to vet specs) and Garden Cities, a building was set aside in Greenville and put together JUST FOR US!
This is literally a dream that we’d only just dared to dream come true.

The clinic was officially opened in October 2018. The future is being changed forever – for good.

THANK YOU, Garden Cities, for this incredible gift. You have changed the future.

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