Thank you, home checkers

A big THANK YOU to some unsung heroes: home checkers! 

Without you, most adoptions simply wouldn’t happen so it makes a HUGE difference. 

An important part of adoptions is home visits/checks – the world has changed and, to ensure the animals’ safety, home checks are a necessary and mandatory part of the adoption process. We understand that this can be nerve-wracking and even make some people feel uncomfortable. That’s why we try to get them organised and done as speedily and smoothly as possible…but that is sometimes easier said than done.

With most welfares being eternally busy and, as in our case, run by volunteers, finding home checkers is not as easy as you think.

Once you apply, there’s usually a flurry of emails or calls going on behind the scenes to find someone who can assist with your home check.
All the time, we are very much aware that delaying could result in you losing interest in the animal. But it’s part of the procedure that just cannot be skipped. People don’t always realise that reliable, trustworthy, nice home checkers in a particular area can be hard to find!

You may not know it but it can actually be pretty daunting for people to go to a stranger’s house to see if an animal will fit in there.

Home checkers understand that you’re probably nervous and they even feel bad that they have to invade your privacy.
They usually do the visits in their own time, after hours, on weekends – you name it.

They give of their time and do their best to assist. And they do it all for the animals.

Without them, adoptions simply wouldn’t happen.

So, we want to thank each and every person all over the country who takes time out of their day to do home visits. You really do make a huge difference.

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