Thank you, Tygerberg Animal Hospital

A very important Friend of FAW: Tygerberg Animal Hospital, particularly Bellville and Plein Street.

They do an immense amount to help us with affordable medical care and – very importantly – sterilisations!
In fact, part of the reason why we did so many sterilisations last year is thanks to TAH who offer us weekly steris for township animals at a low price.

The TAH staff work very hard and are dedicated to helping the animals. They have gone out of their way on many occasions with medical care, checking our adoptables, allowing animals to stay over when we get some poor soul dumped on us at the last minute, and so much more.
Many of the vets and vet nurses have assisted us at sterithons (on their own time, without payment) and came to join us in Fisantekraal to work in our treatment room and more.
Often, vets and nurses have given up their lunchbreaks to help animals in need.
They are happy to share their knowledge

A special thanks goes to Sr Karen Forsdick who spearheads our sterilisation programme at TAH, coordinated our first ever Klipheuwel sterithon, and is assisting us with some really big changes happening this year. You are amazing, Sr Karen.

THANK YOU to all of you for everything you do to help us help the animals! <3 You are AWESOME!

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