Tiny terrapin


All creatures, great and small…and very, very small! How cute is this tiny terrapin rescued in Fisantekraal? Our volunteers were approached by someone in Fisantekraal who said they’d ‘found’ this baby terrapin – they wanted to sell it to us. We strongly discourage buying of any animals as it perpetuates the cycle plus it is illegal to keep wild animals, which we explained to the person. He was not aware that it was illegal and, once everything had been explained to him, he wisely surrendered the little reptile to us.

We checked the tiny terrapin over to make sure that it was ok and released into a safe wetlands area which is already inhabited by other terrapins. The baby terrapin can now live its life in the wild, where it belongs.

Note: Unless they are in serious danger or injured and needing medical help, NEVER take wild animals, including terrapins, away from their natural habitat. It is cruel and it is illegal. And don’t buy them either – it perpetuates a terrible cycle of kidnapping wild animals from their homes, leading to decimation of species.
If you love them, leave them where they are.

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