Tygerburger 27/01/2016 FAW celebrates 10 years of helping animals

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Full text: Fisantekraal Animal Welfare celebrates 10 years of helping animals

Just over 10 years ago, Durbanville resident, Rosa Pheiffer, discovered the shocking state of the animals in Fisantekraal – dogs and cats were sick, suffering, and dying, and breeding was out of control. She began going into the township every week, initially alone and then joined by several volunteers. Soon, Fisantekraal Animal Welfare was founded and proudly received it’s official Non-Profit Organisation status in 2006.

FAW spokesperson, Jennifer Davies, says, “We are extremely proud to be celebrating FAW’s official ten-year anniversary – and very thankful to all the private people, businesses, and the vet practices of Durbanville Animal Hospital and Tygerberg Animal Hospital who support and help us. It is thanks to them that real improvements have been made into the situation in which the animals of Fisantekraal, Morning Star, and surrounding farms find themselves. In 2015 alone, FAW vaccinated 1255 dogs and cats, dipped 1312 dogs for fleas, ticks, and mange, treated hundreds for sickness and injury, and had 594 animals sterilised. This, with a handful of part-time, unpaid volunteers working on a couple of days a week, is quite an accomplishment. We have several events planned for the year to celebrate our anniversary, so watch this space.”

FAW’s main aim for 2016 is to have even more animals sterilised. Davies explains that, “Animal overpopulation caused by out-of-control breeding is a major problem – it’s a burden on the welfare, and leads to neglect, abuse, chaining of dogs, illnesses (due to there being too many animals in too small a space) and increased injuries caused by dog fights, motor vehicle accidents, and attacks by people. We currently have a real problem with Pitbull breeding (never buy these dogs from the township as it encourages the problem) and with well-off suburbanites sending their unwanted, often unsterilised pets into the township – where they are often injured or used for breeding. Aside from trying to get the breeding problem under control, we focus on primary healthcare – vaccinations, parasite treatment, and basic first aid. Various other projects, such as our kennel project, help to provide help and comfort for the animals.

Due to the economical downturn, we’re struggling, so we truly appreciate all assistance, financial or otherwise. We’re also desperately in need of a new vehicle – much of our work is done in the field and our old van is starting to take strain. However, we will continue to work towards helping more animals (and their people) live better lives, doing the best we can with what we have. We thank all our supporters for making this possible over the last 10 years – and, hopefully, many more ahead.”

If you’d like to assist, email info@faw.za.org or phone 074 688 1153, visit their website at www.faw.za.org, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Financial donations, second-hand goods for their township shop, collars and leads, pet food, and kennels are always greatly appreciated, as is assistance with fundraising, events planning, running their market stall, or volunteering – and anything else you can think of. Banking details are: Nedbank – Fisantekraal Animal Welfare – Cheque account – Acc no: 1039094171 – Branch: 10 39 10 (Tygervalley)

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