Updated adoption fees

FAW have made the difficult decision to increase our adoption fee with effect from 01 November 2020.

On one hand, we want the fee to remain affordable otherwise the animals won’t be adopted yet, on the other hand costs have to be covered, vet bills need to be paid, etc.¬† In fact the increased adoption fee will still not cover all the costs but we hope to receive donations and sponsorships from our trusted followers and supporters to cover the shortfall.

So with effect from 01 November 2020 our adoption fees will be increasing to:

  • Dogs & Puppies: R 850
  • Cats & Kittens: R 700

These costs will continue to ensure that the animal you adopt has been:

  • Sterilised (or will be at age 6 months, if you adopt a pup or kitten)
  • Vaccinated up to date of adoption
  • Dewormed
  • Microchipped¬†
  • Vet checked (cats are tested for FeLV and FIV)


Too expensive? Consider the value in private veterinary fees:

We phoned around and found the following:

  • Sterilisation depends on the sex and weight of the animal. The larger the animal, the more medication is required and, of course, females are more complicated than the males.
    As an example, an average cost for a 4kg dog at a private vet is:
    R1900 for one female dog
    R1500 for one male dog
  • Vet consult fee is around R350 – R450 for a general check up
  • Microchipping costs around R150 – R300
  • Deworming anything from R50 – R100
  • One set of vaccinations average R300 – R500 (remember, pups and kittens need 3 sets before 6 months of age and another at one year).
  • Cat test for FIV and FeLV is R180 – R250.

Note that rates can be higher or lower depending on where you live – the above are average rates. The bottom line is, if you did all the things that come included with your adoption fee, you would be out a few thousand Rand – and that doesn’t include the animal itself.

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