We’re getting a new clinic!


We have a beautiful brand-new clinic in Greenville (the new development alongside Fisantekraal.). It is on 25 Kameeldoring Street, Greenville, the development alongside Fisantekraal. 

We will still have our containers at the entrance to Fisantekraal for food and the second-hand shop but this new building (real bricks AND electricity) is going to provide space for sterilisations and other surgeries. We’re truly blessed and beyond excited at how many animals can be helped now. After 13 years working in Fisantekraal (since 2005), this is something we couldn’t even have dreamed would ever happen. But it has!

We raised funds and help last year for a basic theatre at our current premises – there will now be more space in that area for other necessary efforts, such as food and the informal shop. We will definitely be needing more volunteers to help run everything. 

There really are so many people to thank!

A huge, big thank you goes to Cape Garden Cities for providing the building and working with us to make it fit the need, and Sr Karen Forsdick and Dr John Adam of Tygerberg Animal Hospital for working together to ensure that everything meets SAVC standards.
An enormous round of applause goes to our very hard-working volunteers who have worked long hours to get everything done.

And, of course, many gold stars and thanks go to YOU, our awesome supporters, for donating funds so that we can make dreams like this come true. 

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