Why FAW doesn’t do everything for free


Healthy animals are an important part of a healthy community, socially, psychologically, and physically. As such, Fisantekraal Animal Welfare works with the community to improve overall health of companion animals. FAW is not a shelter. We are a primary care organisation and we work mainly with owned animals (with the exception of the occasional stray or feral animal) to improve their welfare. 

We don’t believe in giving everything away for free or doing things for people that they could do themselves. Here’s why:

  1. Empowerment and independence
    We believe in developing people and the community rather than making people feel that they cannot help themselves. Often, when you constantly give people something of value for nothing, you rob them of their self-worth, dignity, and self-sufficiency. We want to empower the community to have healthy companion animals, not disempower them. (Hence our slogan: Helping people to help animals.)
    In the long term, this will allow for better treatment of the animals, greater education and skills amongst community members, and overall community improvement.[br]

  2. Sustainability
    FAW runs on donations. We deal with a large area and, if we gave everything away for free, we would have had to close our doors long ago due to insufficient funds. This would mean many animals wouldn’t get the help they need. By collaborating with the residents of Fisantekraal, for example by providing subsidised food instead of just giving it all away, we can help many more animals, both now and in the future.[br]
  3. Responsibility
    We promote responsible pet ownership. Giving with no fair exchange encourages situations in which people get more animals than they can look after, which has a knock-on effect on animal overpopulation and the potential accompanying neglect and abuse.[br]
  4. Long-term positive change.
    By improving the care of animals in a community through empowering the community itself, it speaks, not just to the welfare of the animals, but to a mental shift for those who live there, thus enabling people to see a way out of poverty.

Even in the difficult economic times that the Covid-19 pandemic has put us through, we are glad to see that many pet owners still treat their animals as part of their family. They are willing to set aside money and time to provide care for these animals, and to ask for help during times when they may struggle. This shows us that lasting change is, indeed, not only possible but happening right now.

Thank you for being part of lasting change for animals by supporting Fisantekraal Animal Welfare

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