Why some FAWbies are at Fallen Angels in Melkbos and others are in foster care


Update: As of May 2021, there are still THREE dogs at Fallen Angels – Dusty, Madame, and Tag. Dusty and Madame have waited since February 2015, and Tag since 2017. You can view them all here: ADOPT.

We often hear people referring to FAW as a shelter. However, we need to make it very clear that we are not a shelter; there are no kennelling/cattery facilities. We cannot take in strays. All we have is a clinic with a few temporary cages for recovering animals but no kennel hand onsite to care for them.

This confuses people. Why do we have some dogs at Fallen Angels in Melkbos 40km away, and others in foster homes around Cape Town? So, here is the history:

  • FAW started in 2005 and is purely a community based, primary healthcare animal welfare. We’ve never had shelter facilities and this is not on the cards for the future; our focus is on preventing the need for animals going to shelters at all by sterilising to combat overpopulation, and educating and empowering owners.

  • +- 2008, Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre (UARC) opened alongside Fisantekraal. They kindly offered us space for uplifted animals at their shelter, which we gladly accepted. From then on, most of our animals stayed there while waiting for a home. Later, we started paying a small fee to cover their food but we still took care of things like vaccinations, deworming, vet care, sterilisations, etc. ourselves.
    Because we care deeply about the animals we uplift (many of which our volunteers had worked with for some time) and because we don’t like adding extra burden to another welfare, the animals we took in remained on our books, we manage their rehoming and follow-ups, etc.
    We are not and never have been the same organisation as UARC; we worked together on Fisantekraal outreaches when they were based near us, and were kenneling our surrendered animals there.

  • When UARC moved to Melkbos in 2015, we had over 30 animals (dogs and cats) at the time and, with no other options for them, our animals moved with them. That is how they ended up so far away in Melkbos.

  • In 2018, we stopped taking animals to UARC. Any new animals go into foster care; if none can be found, then our options are very limited.

  • When UARC closed at the end of 2020, there were still 6 FAW dogs there because they had not found homes (Billy, Dusty, Madame, Mamacita, Tag and Jimmy).

  • Fallen Angels very kindly opened their door to the remaining FAW dogs and the dogs moved there. (Mamacita found a home but the other 5 of our dogs are still at Fallen Angels.) We cannot take more animals there; they are already choc-a-block full, plus it is very far from us, which makes it really challenging to arrange meetings, vet visits (our vets are in Durbanville/Bellville), etc.

Those 5 dogs will stay there until homed and that’s it. We will still pay a monthly fee to cover their feeding (we are very blessed to have sponsors covering this fee – thank you!) but veterinary care and rehoming is still our responsibility.

Yes, we could have signed them over but decided against it for two reasons:
1. After so many years (Tag & Jimmy were uplifted in 2017, Billy, Dusty and Madame in 2015), we are pretty attached to them and want to be involved in their rehoming – remember, we love the animals and genuinely care about them and where they go.
2. It is an added cost for another welfare to take in more dogs and we did not feel it was fair to put this on their shoulders, considering they were also taking in over 70 other dogs.

Aside from those 5 dogs, ANY new animals that come in (since 2018) have to go into foster care, or we have to make hard decisions. That is why we keep asking for foster homes. FOSTERS SAVE LIVES!

We hope this clarifies. The sooner we can get all 5 dogs into foster or forever homes, the better. To find out how you can become a foster, please visit our FOSTER PAGE and complete the foster application form (Cape Town only please).. And remember: no fosters = no second chance for animals. 

THANK YOU to Marinda de Waal for sponsoring Madame and Billy, and to Cornel van der Westhuizen and friend for sponsoring Dusty, Jimmy, and Tag. 

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