World Rabies Day – 130 vaccinated in Klipheuwel outreach

World Rabies Day has just passed and, to ‘celebrate’, we did an outreach in Klipheuwel yesterday – and vaccinated 130 dogs and cats against this terrible disease! We tackled the squatter camp and adjoining Cloete Drive.

The outreach was a FAW and Tygerberg Animal Hospital with support from Ruan Beneke, DA ward councillor for Klipheuwel.


A big thank you goes to TAH and Ruan, but also to every one of the AWESOME volunteers who gave hours of their time to do this.

Bonus: we signed up soooo many to be spayed/neutered (so the next task is, of course, a sterithon!). For the most part, the people are crying out for help to get their pets sterilised!


THANK YOU to every person who donates to us – this is just one thing your donations help with.
Aside from the vaccines themselves, each of those vaccines needs a new syringe, a new needle, disinfectant (that’s 130 needles and syringes). And, something people don’t think about: all those forms and vacc cards need to be printed; petrol is needed to get there and back. Basic stuff but it all adds up.
Without YOU, our awesome supporters, none of this would be possible.

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