Worsie takes a bullet for her family



The medal for bravery goes to Worsie, a sweet Fisantekraal pooch who took a bullet for her family. Their neighbour went beserk and started shooting his gun all over the place! In the process of being their greatest protector, WORSIE WAS SHOT!

The family brought their courageous dog to the FAW clinic in a pram, Worsie safely ensconced in a blanket, to have their heroic dog treated.

Fortunately, it missed all vital organs and Worsie could be patched up and sent home to her loving family. The culprit was later arrested and charged for discharging a fire arm in a residential area.

It is only because you donate and support us that FAW can help dogs like Worsie and we are so grateful that our vet could fix her up. She was able to return home to recover with her family who love her very much.

You can help change the world for animals like Worsie. Visit our Get Involved pages for more info.

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