Zorro the farmdog’s makeover

Little Zorro lives on one of the farms we assist with. He is a happy little chappy and his owner adores him.

He was in real need of a proper grooming session – farm life can be quite grubby!

As much as his owner would love to have him groomed more often, finances don’t stretch that far on a farm labourers salary – and that’s where FAW comes in…

We took him to our fave doggy parlour and are verygrateful to CLIP & DIP for this fantastic makeover – Caron and Jackson: you rock! 🙂

Zorro went home feeling comfy and much lighter. (Check out his kennel in the background: his owner made it for him, specially on ‘legs’ so that he would be kept off the cold ground, and makes sure he always has a warm blanky.)

Here’s to another 10 years of helping people to help animals!

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